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Haiti’s Most Popular Drinks

Haiti’s Most Popular Drinks

Life in Haiti can be difficult at times where many of the people are destitute and lacking in the necessities. However, the Haitian people are rich in culture and enjoy even the smallest of pleasures. Their cuisine is excellent and to complement their elaborate meals the proper drinks are the special touch that makes the meals even more festive and enjoyable.


In tropical Haiti where it is often hot, drinks are a vital part of any meal or snack. The most popular drinks are juices because on an island there are so many varieties of freshly squeezed fruits to choose from.

Juices are the mainstay of Haitian beverages. Citrus juices, grapefruit, oranges, and mango, are most popular because both the poor and rich have easy access to it. Other juices including Guava passion fruit and granadillas are enjoyed as well but are not as readily available to the majority of people.


Akasan is usually bought from the grocery but can also be made at home. This is another popular Haitian drink that is usually served at breakfast. It is made with cream of cornmeal, evaporated milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, sugar, and a pinch of salt. All Haitians enjoy this drink although only those that can afford it mix the drink with milk as it can be consumed with or without milk.


Water is surprisingly not so easy to come by in a nation that is surrounded by beautiful oceans. In the rural and urban areas, less than half of the population has access to drinkable water. This is because most rivers and streams carry human waste. However, the situation has improved due to the efforts of scientists who have designed water filters to be used in the homes.


Beer is a popular alcoholic drink in Haiti. The most popular beer is Prestige, a mild beer that compares to Budweiser and Miller Light. This beer is brewed right in Haiti in the Brasserie National Haiti.


Haiti’s rum is produced by one of the world’s most famous and well-regarded companies, the international exporter Rhum Barbancourt. The rum is specially produced with sugar cane instead of molasses giving it an individual taste.


A favorite non-alcoholic drink consisting of unfermented barley with molasses added for flavor. Malta can be bought in any store in Haiti and throughout the Caribbean. Malta is also popular in the United States and can be found in any Caribbean store.


A typical Haitian drink served during the holiday season. It is made of condensed milk, coconut milk, and white rum. This drink is sweet and smooth and is enjoyed by all Haitians around the world.

Caribbean Hot Chocolate

This delicious drink is a hot chocolate concoction that combines chocolate with rum, whipped crème, and Crème De Cacao.

The Drinks of Haiti are Refreshing and Delicious

These popular drinks are tasty and fresh and enable Haitians to enjoy socializing and interacting with their friends and family while eating a delicious and communal meal.

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