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10 Things To Do While Watching TV

10 Things To Do While Watching TV

Watching television can be exciting. It is not just about sitting down and staring into space. People can think and take part in other activities as they watch a favorite show.

People do different things as they watch their favorite Daytime TV show. We normally don’t just sit in one place as we watch TV. Multitasking is the sign of the times. What do you do when watching your favorite television show? Here are some suggestions.

Fold Laundry – As a new mother, I’m finding out how much laundry consumes my life. Well, while I fold it, I can find time to sneak in a show.

Write – As a writer, I try to take the opportunity to write articles while I’m watching TV.

Cook – Cooking can be accomplished while watching TV. Just be careful to not over cook a dish or put the wrong ingredients in.

Balance the Checkbook – Sit down and take a look at your finances. How are they?

Talk on the Phone – You can talk on the phone and watch TV at the same time. Put on the closed captioning to help you out.

Clean – Cleaning and TV can be done simultaneously. I often clean as I watch and listen.

Play with Pets – I like to use this opportunity to play with my dog. She likes it a lot.

Work – Many people telecommute these days. Try working with the TV on in the background. It’s amazing that you can work and be entertained all at the same time.

Write Emails – Respond to your emails while watching TV.

Organize A Room – You can organize an entire room while watching TV. It’s fun to organize and it’s a necessity.

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